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14-Jun-2016 19:37

Even with healthy self-esteem, it’s hard not to feel intensively vulnerable.

Five days after Trent asked me to marry him, a routine check-up unearthed a brain tumor behind his left ear.

My legs were more numb than usual, and the man I’d broken up with after he “postponed” our wedding had just graciously prevented me from a dangerous face-plant.

Few things are more humiliating than feeling indebted to someone who has broken your heart.

Vogue's monochrome outfit was extremely chic and cool.

Chilled: Swapping her usual heels, Vogue slipped on a pair of studded and buckled boots - which she has grown accustomed to ever since she sustained her injury while training for winter sport reality show The Jump Vogue Williams hasn't let a knee injury stop her from looking stylish, and this outfit she was spotted in recently illustrates this perfectly!

Or ‘I’m going to show my kid this guy and let him/her know that just because you’re disabled doesn’t mean you can’t live life’. Ha - I can’t believe I actually have one, to be honest. Other people’s Snapchat stories, Daily Mail and People you respect? Proudest Post - When I snapped my experience on Tinder about how when I told these guys I was disabled they said ‘they didn’t want to meet up with me’ – I’m proud of this because it’s not easy telling your audience that you’ve been rejected over something you can’t control and obviously people are going to feel sorry for you, that’s human nature, but on the other hand this is something that disabled people face all the time but never really talk about and I wanted to shed some light on it. It’s no secret I’m a Snapchat fanatic after that, I’d say Instagram.

My Dad (very generic, but true) Ryan O’Connell (a fellow disabled activist who suffers from Cerebral Palsy too) and lives in the USA. Most Embarrassing post -I never really get embarrassed. Snapchat because it’s like your own reality show and it’s a real look into how someone really is – you really can get to know someone from their Snapchat.

He wrote a book called I’m Special (and other lies we tell ourselves) and when I read it I felt like someone was reading my thoughts and putting them on the page it was mind-blowing everything he wrote about and insecurities he felt was exactly how I felt, I couldn’t believe it. I’m excited about the future and hopefully, I can help those with disabilities be more comfortable in their own skin. I suppose when I snapped my waxing experience of getting a (back, sack and crack) done! And Instagram because I love looking at gorge pictures. This for me started out as just a bit of fun but now, I realise the impact it can have.

Tell us a secret - something we should know about you? I would love to have my own chat show and bring out my own range of wine. I would also love to be a figure in changing the perception of those with disabilities and become a speaker.

My ex-fiance, Trent, who had been my fiance until two weeks ago, caught me as I toppled onto the living room carpet, now devoid of his gray, wool couches I’d disliked so much. Over the past hour, he and I had held each other and sobbed on the empty floor. And as I tried to stand up with the poise and strength of Bette Davis or Beyoncé, my balance gave way.