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Im average/below average looking and so I know its not my looks that make me attractive to their daughters or their parents as a potential husband etc. Compared to the girls they set me up with, im hilariously ugly (seriously some persian girls are incredible).

Its the same when I go out with friends and meet girls (especially asians).

Im thinking about telling girls that im in some other healthcare profession/ did a different biological degree until I actually get to know them.

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Katy almost immediately begins wondering “why should not ones Finger yield a Wench the like pleasure” as a penis.

Soon after, Frances speculates about the societal benefits that would result “if Women govern’d the world and the Church as men do.” Female multiple orgasms are referenced throughout, and there appear to be a few scattered allusions to the clitoris (referred to as “the top of the Cunt” which “stands out.”) Some of the language in the text is also surprisingly modern, as when Frances advises her to acquire “a Fucking friend…

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Nowruz, the Persian New Year, kicked off last week, and we want to honor the big celebration the best way we know how — with food.

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Anyway I was wondering what I should do to get away from goldiggers etc?

The main narrative then begins, introducing its two principle characters: Katherine, “a Virgin of admirable beauty” and “a Kins-Woman of hers named Frances.” Frances “come[s] to chat” with Katherine one morning, finding her alone and working “as if it were a Nunnery.” Frances reproaches her cousin for being “such a Fool [as] to believe you can‘t enjoy a mans company without being Married.” Katherine naively explains that she enjoys the companionship of many men (“my two Unkles, my Cousins, Mr.