Updating iphone 2g to 2 2

12-May-2016 16:03

The next step is to download the appropriate firmware for your device.If you followed the rest of the guide, clicking on the download link will download the firmware that’s right for you. Once you have your firmware, it’s time to jailbreak.If you do decide to use a jailbreak unlock, do not pay for it.All the tools you need are free, however depending on your firmware, baseband and type of i Phone, it may not be possible to unlock your phone using the jailbreak software unlock.If Apple exposed them in a more obvious way, it’d take away from the elegance of the device. I’m sure that many of you are “power users” and probably know most of these tips and tricks.But I suspect that a lot of you are more casual i Phone users and will find this list useful.

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Even our team members that I showed the draft of this post to (people I consider i Phone experts), all picked up at least a tip or two that they weren’t already aware of. Tapping the status bar (the bar at the top with the clock) will make scrollable content scroll to the top.